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Legal Services

You don’t want to spend a fortune to get legal advice when you need it. Legal Services coverage offers a network of attorneys who can help with creating or updating a will, real estate matters, tax audits, document preparation, and more.

If you use a network attorney, you don’t pay any fees, deductibles, or copays. You can learn more about covered services here.

Legal Services is a voluntary benefit administered by LegalEASE. The plan covers associates and eligible family members.

Things to Consider

When deciding whether to enroll in Legal Services, be sure to consider the following:

Cost per Paycheck
If you expect to need Legal Services, the cost of coverage could be less than if you paid an in-network attorney directly. You’ll be able to see the cost per paycheck when you enroll through the My Choice enrollment website at safelite.benefitsnow.com.

Your Personal Situation
Think about your expected legal needs. Do you plan to purchase, sell, or refinance a home? Do you need help preparing a will or trust? If you answered “yes” to either question, having Legal Services coverage could give you peace of mind.

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